April 19 2019

Center Policies

Code of Conduct
Vinings Jubilee is for shopping, dining and entertainment. All of our buildings, the parking lot and the garage, as well as the streets and common areas, are privately owned. We reserve the right to define the rules of conduct acceptable to us in order to allow admission to our property. While here, we ask that you treat others as you would like to be treated. For the safety and enjoyment of all Jubilee visitors, please read and observe the following rules. The following conduct is not acceptable on Vinings Jubilee property:

Discourteous Behavior: This can be described as rude behavior, behavior which may cause an inconvenience to others, anything that is ill-mannered or disrespectful such as loitering, blocking walkways, running, yelling, and skateboarding.

Disorderly Behavior: This type of behavior is described as obscene, offensive, may cause a hindrance or disturbance to others visiting the facility, or interrupt our normal business activity such as offensive language, inappropriate attire, and soliciting.

Disruptive Behavior: These types of actions can be of a more serious nature, could cause a disruption in business, or affect the safety of our guests such as fighting, illegal activity, and weapons.

Commercial Solicitation
Our tenants are focused during the business day on providing services to their customers and clients. It is at their preference that solicitation is prohibited on Vinings Jubilee property without an appointment. If you have a business offering you believe may be of interest to Vinings Jubilee tenants, please use the telephone number or mailing address found on their individual tenant page to request an appointment to present your materials.

Event Policies
Outdoor events sponsored by the shopping center are not age-restricted; however, proper ID is required for consumption of alcoholic beverages at events. For any merchant sponsored events, please contact the individual merchants for any specific restrictions for attendance. Commercial photography is not allowed at Vinings Jubilee without prior permission.

Handicapped Access
Handicapped parking spaces maybe be found in all surface lots on the property. There is an elevator in the clock tower building that provides easy access from the rear of the center to the upper shops and restaurants. Accessible restrooms are located in the second floor elevator lobby. We encourage our handicapped guests to contact our management office should they encounter any situation which inhibits their freedom to enjoy visiting Vinings Jubilee. We are dedicated to making our property a relaxing, easy place for all of our guests to spend leisure time.

Lost and Found
The Lost and Found Department is located at the Management Office, which is located in Suite 245 in the Vinings Jubilee.

We recommend that you also contact tenants you visited while at Vinings Jubilee. If they have your property, they may not have turned it in to our office and may be holding it in the event you return. Tenant telephone numbers are listed on our tenant pages found on our Map Directory page. To connect to individual tenant pages, click on their names in the directory listings below the map.

Parental Escorts
The Parental Escort Policy states that children age 15 and under may not remain in the public spaces of Vinings Jubilee after 9:30 p.m. unless accompanied by a parent or legal guardian over the age of 21. Below is a list of questions concerning Parental Escorts.

How is the policy Enforced?
If security determines that an individual or group is age 15 or under and is unaccompanied by an adult after 9:30 p.m., they will be given the opportunity to make a phone call to their guardian and await their ride.

How will you identify children age 15 and under?
To enforce the rules relating to minors, patrons are required to carry a photo ID with proof of age.

What about teens that work at Vinings Jubilee?
Teens 16 and over that work at Jubilee after 9:30 p.m. will not be affected by this policy. This policy applies only to children 15 and under.

What if the individual is unable to provide appropriate identification?
The individual will be asked to leave the property until they can return with appropriate ID.

Is the policy one child to one adult?
No. one adult can be responsible for several youths with proper supervision and control of their behavior.

Do I have to be with my child?
Yes. An adult must maintain visual contact with the children for whom he or she is responsible; if not, they will be asked to leave.

Are there any other rules of which I should be aware?
A complete list of the Vinings Jubilee Code of Conduct is displayed and appears in this General Information section. Violators of these codes may be subject to expulsion, banning, arrest and/or prosecution for criminal trespass.

Parking Policy
Parking at the Vinings Jubilee shopping center is free of charge. There is additional parking underneath LOFT located at the back of the shopping center. All vehicles must be parked within a lined parking space. Parking along or on curbs is prohibited unless marked appropriately for parallel parking. Curbs painted red are fire lanes and no parking is strictly enforced. Patrons of stores and restaurants outside Vinings Jubilee may not park at the center.

Our security officers are charged with enforcing our Parking Policy. If you are parked illegally, you will be asked to move your vehicle or a printed warning notice will be left on your vehicle. Future violations could result in your vehicle being towed or booted.

Anyone parked in a handicap parking space must have the appropriate state handicap permit displayed. Anyone illegally parked in a handicap space is subject to state and local traffic laws.

Our Vinings Jubilee Security officers are ready to assist you in the event of the following auto-related problems: Jump starts: If your battery fails, we will provide a battery jump. A release form must be signed prior to this service. Lost Vehicles: If you need help locating your vehicle, we are available to assist.

Our security officers wear blue & black uniforms with Milton Protective Services identification. Our Security officers are equipped with cell phones and a marked vehicle with a flashing strobe light on top. Security officers walk and drive all areas of the property as well as monitor activity in common areas between the hours of 6:00pm and 1:00am daily. They will respond to your requests for assistance by calling (404) 392-6471.

Our security officers are committed to making your visit with us a pleasant one. They are here to help you with minor inconveniences you may encounter as well as to assist you, and our tenants, in matters of health and safety.

Our security officers are charged with enforcing the Vinings Jubilee Code of Conduct, Parental Escort Policy, and our Parking Policy. These policy statements can be accessed on this website within this information section.

If you see or experience anything you consider to be unusual or unsafe, we earnestly request that you report it immediately to one of our Security officers so we can address the issue quickly. To report something, please call (404) 392-6471 between the hours of 6pm-1am, or the or the Paces Properties Management Office (770) 434-2400 during normal business hours or 800-846-0811 after hours.

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